Soleus GPS Pulse

Soleus launch first running watch to combine GPS and wrist-based HRM


Soleus have today announced the launch of the GPS Pulse in the UK, the first running watch to combine GPS and wrist-based optical sensors to monitor heart rate.


Touted by Soleus as ‘convenient and comfortable to wear’, the Soleus GPS Pulse Heart Rate Monitor is priced at £199.99 and doesn’t come with a chest strap and instead uses optical sensors (pioneered by Mio in their wrist-mounted Alpha device), which constantly monitor the variation in blood volume flowing through the radial artery.

The strap-less set-up is said to minimise the potential for irritation while running and exercising and because of the location of the sensors, and Soleus believe that you don’t need to wear the watch uncomfortably tight to get a near-accurate reading. The system has heart rate zones and tracks your distance and pace. It can store 30 run x 100 lap data.

The rechargeable unit allows you to customise three viewable lines of data that track your speed, distance, pace, and heart rate. You can also set up to six interval timers, count calories, and store and upload your data to Strava for later review.

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GPS receiver.

Tracks distance and pace.

Auto lap split (miles or km’s)

6 Interval Timers.

Tracks Calories burned.

1/100 second chronograph.

5 alarms.

30m water resistant.

EL Backlight.

Rechargeable battery


RRP: £199