Recon Jet smart glasses review

A bundle of tricks that tries to be a bike computer, camera, smartphone and more – but we think it lacks polish

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2.0 out of 5 star rating 2.0

Recon Jet smart glasses review


The Recon Jet isn’t just a 600-quid set of glasses. It also happens to be a bike computer, a GPS device, a camera, and a smartphone and social media interface.

But its main selling point is that it functions as a head-up display (HUD) so you can make use of all its facilities without taking your eyes off the road. That’s the theory, at least.

Data is displayed in the corner of the right-hand lens

The reality is that actually comprehending any of the data on the Jet’s display, rather than simply noticing that something is there, requires so much eye movement and refocusing that you might as well not be looking at the road anyway.

And the problems don’t end there, because battery life isn’t up to much either (one two-hour ride was enough to burn through almost an entire charge).

Then there’s the camera, which can only film 15-second clips and, unless you hold your head up like a periscope, all you get is footage of the ground passing underneath you.

Connectivity includes GPS, wifi, Bluetooth and USB

By far the biggest problem, however, is the display’s housing, which completely blocks your view when you try to look to the far right and over your shoulder.

It’s ironic that a gadget intended to help you keep your eyes on what’s ahead prevents you from seeing what’s behind and to the side of you.

Until there’s an option to swap the display to the left (or have less bulky housing), it’s just not a good idea to use the Recon Jet on the British roads.

Verdict: Not good enough to be a worthwhile investment for British athletes yet, 45%


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