Garmin reveals new Enduro 2 multisport watch

Garmin's new Enduro 2 multisport watch is here and it comes with an insanely long battery life and a whopping price-tag to match it...


Garmin has lifted the lid on its new Enduro 2 multisport watch, boasting up to an incredible 150 hours of battery life in GPS mode.


The Enduro has long been Garmin’s range-topping multisport watch and that doesn’t look set to change with the second iteration, which commands a price tag of a whopping £929.99.

Garmin says the new watch is ‘purpose-built for endurance athletes’, with built-in topo maps now a feature.

Alongside that addition, there’s now a LED light, similar to that seen in the Fenix 7X launched earlier this year but twice as bright and dimmable, plus new tech to help maximise battery life.

A big boost in battery

It’s that new tech, and the watch’s solar power capabilities, which helps it to that claim of 150 hours in GPS mode and 46 days in smartwatch mode, though that’s dependent on the correct lighting conditions.

For an adventure-ready endurance watch, durability is understandably key and Garmin says the Enduro 2 has it in abundance thanks to a titanium bezel and rear case, plus the 35.56mm ‘Power Sapphire’ display.

Of course, that durability and battery life means something’s got to give, and it’s not just the price tag. The Enduro 2 weighs in at 70g and is a pretty chunky piece of tech, (51mm x 51mm x 15.6mm).

Garmin Enduro 2 headline features

As you’d expect, there’s also a host of new features aside from the light and maps. These include:

  • NextFork, which gives you visibility of how far it is to the next trail intersection
  • Grade-adjusted pace, which helps you pace yourself over varying terrain by showing you what your pace would be on flat ground
  • A new visual race predictor
  • A new adventure racing activity profile
  • Health Snapshot, which periodically generates a report of key stats including heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration, Pulse Ox and stress.

Like the new Fenix 7 and Forerunner 955, the Enduro 2 also now comes with new touchscreen functionality, but that can be switched off if preferred.

Of course, the watch also comes with the standard functionality that we’ve all come to expect from a Garmin multisport watch, including activity tracking for a huge range of sports and features such as Training Status.

You’ll also get Garmin Pay and smartphone notifications when paired with a compatible phone.


The Garmin Enduro 2 is available now from Garmin.