Mio Link HR band – First Look

Wrist-mounted HRM now comes screenless, for hooking up to your preferred gadgets


Mio came to prominence in 2013 with the launch of their Kickstarter-funded Alpha, the world’s first wrist-mounted heart rate monitor that recorded heart rate using optical light sensors instead of a chest strap.


Mio went on to produce the technology for Adidas’ Smart Run GPS, but are now back under the Mio banner with the Link, a screenless device that connects to your preferred fitness apps and sport gadgets with Bluetooth Smart (4.0) and, unlike the Alpha, ANT+.

Features include water resistance up to 30m, a 10hr battery life and the ability to customise your workout with up to five user-settable heart rate zones. Expect RRP to be £89.95 from www.mioglobal.com.


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