Kuaiwear Kuai Biometric Headphones

Kuai launch the world’s first multisport biometric headphones


Kuaiwear have been busy recently, showcasing working prototypes of their new headphones at Escape from Alcatraz, Ironman 70.3 Boulder and the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt.


The company claim that their Kuai headphones are the world’s first multisport biometric headphones, which will eliminate the need for athletes to carry multiple devices.

Allegedly the product – which is currently seeking Kickstarter funding – can accurately calculate an athlete’s heart rate, V02 Max, calories, distance, cadence, pace and speed over land and water. Users will be able to access their data on a free app designed for both smart phones and PC/ MAC.

The headphones offer users a chance to create and download their own customisable training plans, which has been incorporated to help users train smarter and improve performance. On top of all that you’ll still be able to listen to all your favourite tunes… or a virtual coach barking instructions if you prefer.


Price: £95 from www.kuaiwear.com