Everysight release Raptor AR Smartglasses for cycling

Smartglasses have arrived! Everysight’s Raptor AR provide cyclists with data right in front of their eyes


Everysight’s Raptor AR Smartglasses (Raptor), the first consumer-focused augmented reality smartglasses for cyclists and triathletes have arrived at 220 for testing.


The glasses are priced £749 and show sharp, high-resolution, yet semi-transparent, information, such as heart rate, cadence, speed, power, distance and more, out in front of the rider’s eyes at all times.

The smartglasses also have built-in GPS/GLONASS and the Raptor navigation display, meaning you will never miss a turn while riding.

The manufacturers say that by showing the data on the glasses it maximises safety as it is safer to view the data right in front of your eyes, than look down, away from the road, at a cycling computer.

You can also listen to music and receive phone calls without covering the ears.

All captured information (heart rate, cadence, speed, power, etc.) uploads to Raptor’s companion app (Android and iOS), and can be shared through social media channels or synced to popular third-party fitness and cycling apps

Raptor comes in three colourways (Stealth Black, Electric Green, and Artic Blue). Everysight offers accessories such as a handlebar control system, RX adaptors, and tinted visors

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