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Black Friday Garmin deals: save on computers, watches and wearables

Sports watches, cycling computers and exciting bundles – check out our guide to the biggest Garmin discounts this Black Friday.

Selection of Black Friday Garmin deals

With Black Friday already in full swing retailers are launching their Black Friday deals, so now’s the time to start hunting for those bargains.


We’ve picked out the biggest saves on some of the best and most popular Garmin products, whether that’s fitness trackers, smartwatches, cycling computers or bundle sets.

Check out the exciting offers below to grab a bargain on some of the best fitness products on the market.

For more offers and big discounts on other kit, head over to our Best Black Friday Triathlon Deals page.

Black Friday Garmin deals at Amazon

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro (RRP £649.99)

Credit: Amazon

The Fenix 6X Pro is one of Garmin’s top models in their multisport range, but there are big deals to be had thanks to it being replaced by the new Fenix 7.

Despite being another year older, this is still a fantastic watch. It features a 1.4 inch display, a heart rate monitor, music apps and pre-loaded maps, meaning you can plan and follow your routes.

The bread and butter of any multisport watch is its activity tracking and profiles, and the Fenix 6X Pro has them in abundance, including swim, bike, run, multisport, trail running, rowing and so on. Beyond that, you also get performance, health and fitness tracking, with lots of data available via the Garmin Connect app.

Being a modern-day multisport watch, the Fenix 6X Pro also comes with a number of smart features, including contactless payment and smartphone alerts for things like texts, emails and other notifications.

While Amazon is yet to launch its Black Friday offers, last year this watch had over £200 off and we’d expect to see similar again in 2023.

Garmin Swim 2 GPS Swimming Watch (RRP £219.99)

Credit: Amazon

We reviewed the Garmin Swim 2 in 2020 and found it to be a significant improvement from the Swim 1. Rounding up our thoughts, we said: “If you’re willing to pay a premium for a compact watch you can use specifically for the vast swim data, while utilising the comparatively limited bike and run metrics, the Swim 2 could be just what you’re looking for.”

The watch offers users the ability to consume vast swim data and is navigated via a simple and intuitive menu. As well as swim data, you can also track your runs, cycles and any other ‘cardio’ sessions.

We thought it was a little pricey at its RRP, so this 19% discount makes it a strong choice for those looking to improve their swimming.

Garmin Venu Sq (RRP £179.99)

Credit: Amazon

The Venu Sq GPS smartwatch is designed with all-day health monitoring which should be perfect for everyday life, whether that’s going about your day or tracking your exercise.

The bright, coloured screen and preloaded workouts are a nice bonus – especially at a discounted price.

Garmin Instinct (RRP £269.99)

Credit: Amazon

While we now have the Instinct 2 after its launch earlier this year, the original Instinct is still a solid performer, offering a multitude of activity tracking in a robust, durable package.

It comes with a monochrome display that’s clear to read, while battery life is quoted as up to 14 days in smartwatch mode and up to 16 hours in GPS mode.

With 41% off here, it’s available at a bargain price.

Garmin Forerunner 245 (RRP £249.99)

Credit: Amazon

If you’re not fussed about being able to track a full triathlon in one go, the Forerunner 245 is a great option. It tracks all three disciplines individually, but just doesn’t have a multisport mode.

Other than that, it has a host of the fitness features you’ve come to love from Garmin, plus reliable GPS and heart rate tracking.

It sports a 1.2in screen and battery life is said to be up to seven days in smartwatch mode or up to 24 hours in GPS mode.

Plus, with 33% off it comes in at a very reasonable price.

Black Friday Garmin deals at Wiggle

Garmin Rally RS200 Power Meter Pedals (RRP £929.99)

Looking for a way to track your power output on the bike or want to train by power? Power meter pedals may be just what you need.

Admittedly it’s an expensive purchase, which is why Black Friday is the best time to try and find a bargain on them. With £230 off at Wiggle, these pedals are worth considering.

In our review of the Garmin Rally RS200 pedals we noted the high price, but praised them for being highly reliable and accurate. The RS200 version are compatible with SPD-SL cleats, while the RK200 (available for the same price) are compatible with Look Keo cleats.

Garmin Edge 530 GPS Cycle Computer – (RRP £259.99) 

Credit: Wiggle

Save £100 on this compact, aerodynamic cycling computer. Packed full of features and easy to use, this makes the perfect companion for your training rides and bike trips.

Our colleagues over at BikeRadar rated the popular Edge 530 GPS four out of five stars when they reviewed it back in 2019, praising it for its feature set, battery life and value.

Garmin Enduro – (RRP £649.99)

Sure, Garmin have released an Enduro 2 this year, but the original Enduro is still a fantastic watch, as we detail in our review.

We praised it for having a huge array of features and best-in-class battery life but couldn’t get past the price point. However, it’s now available with over £300 off, which makes it a steal. We can’t see this one being in stock for long…

Garmin Forerunner 945 – (RRP £499.99)

While a newer iteration is now on sale in the form of the Forerunner 955, the 945 is still a very impressive triathlon watch.

In our review we gave it a 92% rating and praised it as “the most complete multisport watch we’ve used to date”.

It comes with an impressive array of features, including storage for up to 1,000 songs, and is available with over £150 off the RRP at Wiggle.

Garmin Rally RS100 – (RRP £549.99)

Credit: Wiggle

If you’re in the market for power meter pedals but the high price tag is stopping you from making a purchase, consider these single-sided pedals from Garmin.

They’re £150 cheaper than their double-sided counterparts and have £100 off the RRP in Wiggle’s Black Friday sale.

You won’t get advanced cycling dynamics and metrics such as left/right balance, but you’ll still get reliable power readings.

Garmin Edge 830 GPS Cycle Computer – (RRP £349.99)

Credit: Wiggle

Our colleagues at BikeRadar reviewed the Edge 830 last year and, with four out of five stars, found it was one of the most comprehensive training and navigating devices money can buy. Get the most out of your ride with 28% off at Wiggle.

Garmin Edge 1030 Plus GPS Bike Computer (RRP £519.99)

Credit: Wiggle

Our sister title BikeRadar gave the Edge 1030 four out of five stars in 2018 thanks to its massive feature set.

The good news is that it now has a whopping £220 off the price tag. Features include a 3.5in screen, turn-by-turn navigation, up to 24 hours of battery life and the brand’s ClimbPro feature, which gives detailed info on your remaining ascent and grade.

Garmin Edge 530 Performance Bundle – (RRP £349.99)

Credit: Wiggle

The Garmin Edge 530 computer, along with a heart rate monitor and speed and cadence sensors, make this an exciting and useful cycling bundle. Save 14% at Wiggle.

Garmin Edge 130 Plus GPS Cycle Computer Bundle (RRP £219.99)

Credit: Wiggle

Take your cycling to the next level with this affordable yet complete set of cycling upgrades. The bundle includes the Edge 130 Plus computer and a heart rate monitor, along with a bike mount and tether. 

Garmin Forerunner 45 GPS Running Watch – (RRP £129.99)

Credit: Wiggle

Perfect for runners at any level, the Forerunner 45 keeps track of your running so you don’t have to. With at £30 off, this could easily upgrade your running experience and would make a good purchase as a first sports watch.

Black Friday Garmin deals at Currys

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro – (RRP £449.00)

Credit: Currys

The Fenix 6 Pro includes multiple activity profiles, performance metrics, topological maps and heart rate monitoring.

Pace Pro optimises your distance planning and the watch can even play music and provides contactless pay. With a massive £150 off, this is a great deal.

Garmin Instinct 2 – (RRP £289.00)

The Instinct 2 may not have heart-rate variability tracking or a bright and colourful touchscreen, but if you’re not fussed about any of those things it’s a very capable multisport watch.

It’s delivers all of the activity tracking you could want, has a host of performance features (including VO2 max, Training Status/Load Effect and Recovery Time) and is generally very reliable with its GPS and heart rate data.

Battery life is 30 hours in GPS mode – plenty for an Ironman – and the robust design means it’ll handle pretty much everything you throw at it. Better yet, it’s available here with £50 off!

Garmin Instinct 2 Solar – (RRP £389.00)

The Garmin Instinct 2 Solar shares the same features as the standard Instinct 2 that we’ve included above. the only difference is that, as the name suggests, it delivers better battery life as it charges off the sun.

How much more? Well, the Instinct 2 Solar’s battery life is potentially unlimited when in smartwatch or battery saver mode, so long as it gets enough light each day.

That said, GPS mode receives a healthy boost from the solar tech, increasing by up to 18 hours to 48 hours in total.

With £90 off here, it looks like a very attractive option. Find out more about this watch in our Garmin Instinct 2 Solar review.

Garmin Venu 2 – (RRP £349.00)

Credit: Currys

If you’re looking for an everyday fitness tracker, the Garmin Venu 2 blends functionality with style into a compact display on your wrist and you can save £70 off the RRP at Currys. This trendy watch is available in slate and black, or silver and granite blue. 

Garmin Venu 2S – (RRP £349.00)

Credit: Currys

Like the Venu 2 but with a sleeker, slimmer design, the Venu 2S can track your fitness and even has 25 built-in sports apps.

Plus, there’s £70 off here. Available colours include slate and graphite, rose gold and white, mist grey and silver, plus light gold and light sand. 

Black Friday Garmin deals at Very

Garmin Instinct Solar GPS Watch – (RRP £319.99)

Credit: Very

We reviewed Garmin’s Instinct Solar and found it was ‘packed with tech.’ It has a claimed maximum 56-day battery life thanks to its solar charging and has standout blood-oxygen tracking, among other practical features. With £140 off in the sales, it’s an easy choice.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro (RRP £599.00)

Credit: Very

The Fenix 6X Pro is one of Garmin’s most advanced smart GPS watches, so a £150 discount is a very exciting offer. It combines all the tracking features and workout enhancements of the brand’s other watches, with notifications, music and contactless pay.

Garmin Fenix 7S (RRP £599.99)


Released in early 2022, the Garmin 7s is a slick multisport GPS watch, available for over a £100 discount this Black Friday. It comes fitted with Garmin’s touchscreen interface, as well as health and wellbeing metrics spanning 30+ built-in sports apps.