My Fitness Pal app review

Need a helping hand with your triathlon nutrition? We take a look at free app My Fitness Pal

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

My Fitness Pal is a fantastic free app that helps you log your daily food consumption.


Their massive database contains thousands of food products that you can either search for by name or scan the barcodes on the packaging using your smartphone’s camera.

You can also log exercise and see your daily net calories, as well as set goals, see a nutritional breakdown of that day and monitor your progress with handy graphs and charts.

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The pie chart is a particular favourite as it helps you keep track of your daily macronutrients.

Plus you can calculate the nutritional content of recipes by inputting the ingredients, and the app will save them for future reference.

Verdict: Superb app for anyone who wants a helping hand with nutrition, 90%


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