Adidas Fit Smart running watch

Comfortable and stylish device that should help you maximise your training to give you the best results

Adidas Fit Smart

Brand new product from Adidas, Fit Smart is a workout intensity training device that measures heart rate, calories, pace, distance and stride rate all from the wrist. It’s the latest addition to its growing miCoach digital fitness ecosystem.


Engineered in Germany and weighing in at only 58 grams, Fit Smart aims to offer comfort and fit with a soft touch silicon strap.

Intended for those seeking meaningful advice and feedback, the Fit Smart claims to be unlike many of the other activity trackers in the shops today as it measures heart rate response to physical activity and then guides the user to train at the right intensity for the best results.  

Fit Smart will be available in black and translucent white in two sizes and will be priced at €199. UK pricing and availability to be confirmed.


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