Zoot Zenith 2

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

The Zenith is Zoot’s top-of-the-range suit, updated for 2009. BIOwrap balance technology makes the suit stand out in a crowd, giving it the look of a super-hero’s outfit, with padded panels mimicking the body’s musculature. But does it deliver a super-powered performance?


2mm Yamamoto neoprene exterior and 3mm balance panels on the interior allow the suit to offer the best of both worlds – flexibility with 5mm buoyancy. The addition of GLIDEflex in the shoulder area gives a huge amount of flexibility and movement to the shoulder, while thinner material on the arms means they’re amazingly easy to get on and wonderfully thin and pliable. The cuffs are snug yet comfortable and do a great job of keeping water out.

While the arms are thin, the legs are thick, going for maximum buoyancy. We found some of these leg panels a little restrictive – behind the knees, for instance – and think this is definitely a top-end suit for swimmers who still suffer from dragging-leg syndrome.

Zoot has also tinkered with the Zenith’s collar, making it thinner and cutting it lower, for a more comfortable swim.

Overall, we found the Zenith suit very comfortable and responsive to a shift in speed, but perhaps a little too buoyant around the legs.


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