Zone 3 Vanquish

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

Founded by elite triathlete James Lock, Zone 3 is a new British-owned tri-specific brand. Current products include wetsuits and racesuits with further specialist-designed clothing promised for 2010.


The Vanquish is packed with the latest technology, from the 2mm neoprene shoulder panel that stretches from elbow to elbow – so flexible that it’s easy to forget you’re wearing a wetsuit – to the 5mm Aero Dome chest panel, which has air bubbles between the neoprene layers. The hips, sides, back and thighs are all 5mm to produce a suit that not only provides well-balanced buoyancy but is noticeably quick in the water. The Pro Speed laminated cuffs on the arms and legs also make for a super-fast removal in T1.

Although there was some water entry up the sleeves, it must be remembered that wetsuits are all about fit, and if this one fits you, you’ll be proud of your new-found swim speed.


Contact : Zone 3 01509 222903