Speedo Triathlete Thin-Pro

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

The Thin-Pro is a 1mm ultra-light wetsuit from Speedo, designed to give ultimate freedom of movement. The upside of making the whole suit from 1mm neoprene is that it’s ultra flexible, easy to slip on and off, and packs down to a tiny size. The downside is that it’s nothing like as warm as a traditional 3-5mm body panel suit – nor is it as buoyant, especially in the legs, meaning if you’re not a great kicker it may not keep you high enough in the water at slower speeds.


For these reasons the Thin-Pro will find favour with top swimmers who benefit more from freedom of movement than buoyancy and anyone swimming in moderate water temperatures. It may also appeal to open-water swimmers who prefer not using a suit but could use this in the winter to take the edge off the cold. At £200 it’s well made but is undercut significantly by Aqua Sphere’s similar Winter Skin that comes in at just £130.


Contact : www.speedo.co.uk