Review: Zone3 Advance wetsuit

Great as an entry-level race suit or day-to-day training wear

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
Zone3 Advance wetusit

Despite being on the more affordable end of the pricing scale, the Zone3 Advance really does punch above its weight in the presence of more heavyweight suits.


Zone3 have kept manufacturing costs to a minimum by using a neat combination of 70% Speedflo neoprene and 30% smooth-skin rubber (many other suits use Yamamoto SCS throughout). While the Advance isn’t as supple as some £400-plus suits, it wouldn’t feel out of place against many mid-range products costing twice the price. 

Coated sections at the wrists and ankles help quick removal in T1 and there’s no chafing around the neck. As an entry-level race suit, or a training suit for more serious types, the budget Zone3 shouldn’t be ignored.

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