Review: Orca S5 wetsuit

Decent entry-level suit with better buoyancy than flexibility

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
Orca S5 wetsuit

The S5 is Orca’s stylish new entry-level suit, taking over from last year’s S4.


It now features 5mm body and upper legs to increase buoyancy, 2mm arms for more flexibility around the shoulders, as well as catch panels on the forearms and ‘Speed Transition’ calf sections.

In the water it certainly feels buoyant, giving plenty of lift to your body and thighs, without leaving your feet kicking in the air too much.

However, although the suppleness of the upper body isn’t at all bad, there are definitely more flexible suits out there, especially if you can afford to fork out just a little bit more cash.

The neck seal, though very efficient at keeping water out, felt quite tight and chafed slightly during a relatively short test swim, so it would need plenty of greasing up for extended use.

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