Review: Blueseventy Reaction wetsuit

Good fit and flexibility, with striking graphics and forearm catch panels to increase purchase in the water

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Blueseventy Reaction wetsuit

The Reaction from Blueseventy nestles immediately below the top-of-the-line and multiple award-winning Helix model in the well-established Kiwi brand’s wetsuit line-up.


Thanks to 1.5mm panels in key places, it offers very good flexibility around the arms and shoulders, with a good level of warmth and buoyancy provided by the 4mm and 5mm sections in the torso and legs.

Included on the forearms are catch panels that purport to increase purchase on the water during the front part of the stroke – we remain unconvinced about the exact benefits for the vast majority of catch panels.

The handy pocket on the inside zip flap is useful if you’re going training and need to stash your key safely. As with all of the Blueseventy range, the graphics are visually striking and the suit is manufactured to a high standard in terms of finish, durability and detail. Overall, a top-notch contender.

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