Orca Equip

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

A very stylishly designed suit from a highly regarded manufacturer. The Equip is lightweight and flexible around the shoulders with a close-fitting, slimline cut – it would seem to suit athletes preferring salads to doughnuts if you get what we mean!


High-friction forearm panels to increase purchase on the water during the pull phase are a very welcome addition at this price point.

Fast to get out of thanks to angled openings in the legs, the Equip was only let down by the flexible but uncoated neoprene on the underarm panels, which would appear less hydrodynamic than the smooth skin used everywhere else.

Buoyancy in the legs is good but not as high as in some suits, and would therefore possibly suit those with a stronger leg kick or high natural level of flotation. The overall finish quality is excellent and worthy of a suit well above the £140 mark.


Contact : Orca UK 01628 829782 www.orca.com