How long should a wetsuit last?

A decent triathlon wetsuit is a serious investment and one you don't want to have repeat too often. Ollie Willis explains how long you can expect it to last

how to mend a wetsuit tear

How long a wetsuit lasts is largely dependent on the quality of the product and how you look after it. But a decent triathlon wetsuit from a reputable brand should last anywhere between four and 10 years depending on frequency of use.

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When purchasing your triathlon wetsuit go for the best quality you can afford and make sure it fits; a specialist fitting where you can essentially try before you buy, might be worth considering

And don’t be frightened to wear it! This is one instant when use is good. Wearing it often, not just for your most important race of the season, will help give the suit its flexibility and if it’s not worn for long periods of time it will be difficult to get into, and you will be more prone to a bout of impatience and possibly causing tears.

Possibly the most important factor in all of this is aftercare. Once you’ve got back from your swim in the sea or the lake you must give it a good wash in the shower or with the hose with cool water and hang to fully dry inside-out.

If after all of this excellent care you have issues with your suit then you may be able to use the warranty you have from the manufacturer, they may be able to help with a solution for your wetsuit issues.

But hopefully your wetsuit will be good for a fair few years…

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