Foor Quantum

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

The updated Aussie-designed Quantum offers excellent flexibility all round, 100% smooth skin finish on the neoprene for maximum slipperiness in the water, and a snug, comfortable fit.


The leg panels are extremely buoyant, which is a bonus for many triathletes whose heavy cycling legs need all the help they can get to stay near the surface of the water. The only slight downside would be for those who have a strong leg action, as this suit makes it difficult to kick effectively without constantly flapping out of the water.

The fit is very slim, particularly across the chest, so trying on before you buy would be particularly advisable. Tri UK, Foor’s UK distributor, has an Endless Pool available for testing wetsuits at its store in Yeovil, so, if you can get to the West Country, you can give the wetsuit a not-so-dry run before you commit your hard-earned cash.


Contact : Tri UK 01935 414142