Brownlee brothers develop high-performance wetsuit with Huub

Brownlees and Huub work together to produce a wetsuit that the brothers describe as 'a game changer'

Credit: Huub

Over the last two years Alistair and Jonny Brownlee have collaborated with Huub to produce a wetsuit designed for ultimate race performance.


The Brownlees had two major aims for the suit; the first was they wanted it to feel like you’re not wearing a wetsuit when swimming, and the second was to get the swimmer’s hips and legs as high as possible, and keep them there.

To achieve this Huub investigated materials, stretch, swim strokes and how materials behaved under tension to create the  new Arms Neutral™ position, which they say, reduces the typical maximum stretch cycle down by 50%.

Your stroking style with this wetsuit can now mimic your stroking style without a wetsuit, which say the Brownlees is  “a game changer”.

New buoyancy materials deliver up to 43% more leg lift and lower body buoyancy than standard neoprene, according to Huub.

Dean Jackson, owner of Huub, said: “This is what the triathlete has been waiting for, a no-compromise suit for race day. Alistair and Jonny will not sacrifice their performance for anything, so it will come as no surprise that they will not turn to a suit unless it really is the very best they have ever swum in.”

Jonny Brownlee texted Deano after his first swim saying, “it’s a game changer”, and Alistair has said the same as well; “I can finally swim so naturally in a wetsuit.”

The Brownlees summed up their thoughts of the new Brownlee Agilis wetsuit in a video trailer, which you can view here.

The Brownlee Agilis wetsuit is priced £599.99, and we will be testing the wetsuit soon so watch this space



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