Swimbeam dry swim training machine

A new training machine for swimming to build strength, technique and endurance away from the pool or the open water

Swimbeam in action

Primarily aimed at triathletes, the Swimbeam claims to give you a smoother, faster and more efficient technique. Increasing your resistance to fatigue and maintaining your form over longer distances, it also has the ability give you the experience of higher resistance loads than you would get in the water. 


Whether you have a coach or your are coaching yourself, this machine enables you to isolate a particular technique point, break it down, refine it and practice it before getting wet. 

With eight different height settings and an option to purchase an additional swim technique package (three marine-grade swivel blocks, one karabiner, black anti-stretch cord, two paddles) this piece of equipment seems suitable for all abilities.

The Swimbeam is priced at £849 from www.swimbeam.co.uk.

Check out the following promo video:


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