Review: Tyr Active Training Catalyst 2 hand paddles

Solid set of paddles that are appropriate for all ability levels

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Tyr Active Training Catalyst 2 paddles

Paddles are one of the most useful pieces of kit in your swim bag and can significantly improve power and sense of feel. But used incorrectly and you’ll be heading for a sore shoulder or worse.


To reduce the chances of a spell on the sidelines, ideally you should choose a paddle 10% larger than your hand. The ‘medium’ fitted perfectly, accentuated by the numerous hand position options that come from the Catalyst 2 featuring more holes than Edam. 

Once tubes had clamped hands in place, its unique ‘wing’ design became more prominent. It’s designed to promote correct entry and extension and, while not significantly tangible in action, it offers enough resistance and natural feel to suggest it has real performance benefits.

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