Review: Finis Alignment Kickboard

This unconventional kickboard is designed to promote a streamlined position and improve body position as you kick. Did it float our boat?

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

The Alignment Kickboard is part of a range of unconventional pool tools from US swim brand Finis, and is designed to improve body position through the water. 


It’s a common sight to see swimmers hunched over a kickboard, with their arms bent round it or at strange angle (often caused by the board being too big or small). The hand strap here allows the swimmer to get the benefits of using a kickboard without having to grip, which creates better alignment down to your toes and forces you to stretch out.

Admittedly it only provides a shade more stability than if you were to just kick with your arms stretched out (a method advocated by some swim coaches), but it bridges the gap before you feel confident enough to go fully kickboard-free.

The strap didn’t rub us at all, and the foam is solid yet spongey enough to provide a comfortable surface. 

Useful for those struggling to achieve a streamlined position, 82%


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