IOLITE swimming aid – first look

New tracking device attaches to your goggles and promises to keep you swimming in the right direction


A Utah-based startup has introduced IOLITE, a high-precision tracking device that attaches to the back of your swim goggles (yes, any model of your choice) and gives you real-time feedback on your direction and speed.


The device has two modes, Programmed Course and Freestyle. You can programme up to five courses via an accompanying software and website. In Freestyle mode, you simply jump in the water and IOLITE determines where you want to go, alerting you when you’re making sharp turns or drifting from side to side. 

What actually tells you whether you’re swimming on course or off-course is an LED display with a row of little bulbs. It’s small enough not to impede your vision and designed such that you’ll get the message even with reduced sighting underwater.

IOLITE swimming aid

The green light in the middle assures you you’re on the right track, while yellow and red lights on either side indicate whether you’re slightly or severely off course, and in which direction.

Want to review how you did in the water? You can go through a play-by-play via an accompanying software programme which provides distance, direction, speed and cadence, plus a complete playback of your swim. The software even compares your performance with other swimmers who did the same course, although it’s not yet clear how.

IOLITE swimming aid

The unit costs $199 from – we don’t have any info yet on UK distributors or pricing, but will keep you posted…


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