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Best swim fins for pool training

Adding a set of swim fins to your training bag can help make drills easier and more efficient. Here are our pick of the best swim fins for pool training...

Woman swimming with swim fins

You might feel like swim fins are a big ol’ cheat – right? After all, you won’t wear them on race day, so what’s the point? Well in fact, you’re missing a trick if you don’t sometimes swim with fins.


Using swim fins in the pool

Worn on the feet and available in a variety of lengths and levels of flexibility, swim fins serve a number of purposes.

Worn in pool training, they give you extra speed and propulsion for little effort. This allows you to focus on front-end swim drills such as single arm swimming, ‘broken arrow’ and ‘superman’, where you achieve less or next to no propulsion from your arms.

Other ways swim fins are beneficial

Swim fins can also be useful for enhancing and developing your kick. They’re also a good way to give you a feeling of speed in the water, which you can then attempt to replicate the feel of when you take them off and try to create the same propulsion without them.

Finally, we have occasionally used swim fins in open water if we want to have a long, relaxed swim adventure – or to keep up with faster-paced friends! Just beware that extended use can cause cramp in the feet, so practise first.

Best swim fins for pool training

Maru Training Fins

These swim fins from established British brand Maru have long been a staple in our kit bag. Available in zingy green or bright pink, Maru describes them as a shorter fin for greater resistance and propulsion, as well as improving foot strength.

We find them soft, flexible and comfortable to wear, while the short, more rigid fin gives a really direct feel and good forward motion.

They’re made of silicone and there are a wide range of sizes available, meaning you should be able to find a pair that fit you well.

Zoggs Swim Energy Fin

The new Zoggs Swim Energy Fin has been created to help you develop a stronger kick for increased propulsion through the water. Zoggs says the advanced design encourages correct technique while simultaneously enhancing muscle development.

Arena Powerfin Pro Fin

These fins are slightly different as they include a loop, rather than a closed heel. Arena says that this innovative design features a sloping surface and hydrodynamic slits in the top to allow you to swim with a faster leg kick and better control.

The open heel ensures the best possible ankle flexibility, allowing faster upwards motion and a more powerful downward leg kick.

What’s more – 11 colours are available, including black, blue, red, green and white, to name a few, so you should be able to pick an option that best suits your style. Meanwhile, a wide range of sizes means you should be able to find an optimum fit.

Dhb Training Fins

We love a dhb budget buy here at 220 and these James Bond-esque black fins come in at a reasonable price. Designed to enhance your performance and swimming efficiency in the water, the Training Fins are ideal for pool training sessions and work to increase leg strength and improve your technique.

Aquasphere Alpha Fins

Winning the ‘odd looking’ award, these fins from swim brand AquaSphere are said to be the only swim fins to be manufactured with injection moulded EVA foam.

The ultra-soft EVA foam makes the Alpha Fins 70% lighter than traditional swim fins and provide unparalleled comfort.

Due to the buoyancy of the material, these fins are claimed to improve a swimmers body position while activating their kick.


Top image credit: David Madison/Getty Images