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Best sliders, flip flops and pool sandals

Protect your feet by the swimming pool and during your post-dip shower with our pick of the best sliders, flip flops and sandals

Three pool sliders on a blue background

Whether you’re walking across rocky ground to swim in open water or crossing slippery tiles pool-side, a reliable sandal with a decent grip can make all the difference when keeping you safe.


Easy to pop on before and after each swim, a slider can also help you avoid a pesky verruca, improving your overall hygiene when recovering by the water or getting in your post-dip shower.

There are plenty of options to choose from so we’ve narrowed down some notable picks that promise a padded insole for comfort as well as a textured sole to help keep you safe and sound on wet surfaces.

Best sliders, flip flops and pool sandals to buy in 2022

Crocs Unisex Sliders

These low-profile pool sliders from Crocs would be ideal for keeping a grip on the wet tiles during your next visit to the swimming pool, with a subtle design that’s designed in a way to not compromise on safety.

Made to fit a variety of feet shapes and sizes, this unisex pair have a textured interior that’s said to be both snug and comfortable, and an outer sole made from rubber to help you keep your balance before and after your swim. 

Crocs says they’re easy to slip on, while a variety of colours are available so you can pick a style to suit your personality and easily tell them apart if you invest in multiple pairs for yourself and fellow swimmer. 

Nabaiji Pool Sandals Slap 500

Designed for casual pool use during those recovery dip days or a quick getaway, Nabaiji says these sandals will keep you on your feet next time you’re poolside, reducing the likelihood of a nasty slip or spill. 

Thanks to the rubber inserts at the base of the slider, they’re said to provide a good grip even when they and the floor are both soaked and dry quickly afterwards thanks to their perforated soles, which is meant to drain the water away. 

Adidas Adilette Aqua Slides

A pair of sliders you can wear beside the pool and during your post-swim shower, these one-piece sliders from Adidas are designed to give you plenty of comfort on the inside and plenty of grip on the outside. 

The inner foot bed is made from Cloudfoam in order to offer you something cosy right to step into after you climb out of the pool, and it has a supportive arch that Adidas says will keep them in place as you walk.

Designed to be lightweight and easy to wear, the textured bottom is said to give you plenty of purchase on the floor, while the EVA material is meant to dry quickly so you can pack them away soon after you’re finished for the day.

Under Armour Unisex Pool Shoes

These sliders from Under Armour have doubled up on their grip to help keep your feet safely attached to the inside and the sole in constant contact with the ground as you walk.

Sporting the classic slider look, these pool shoes have a rubber sole that’s designed to provide both flexibility when you walk and grip on watery surfaces. They also boast an ergonomic fit in order to cater to the shape of your foot.

Made for both men and women, this unisex pair is available in a handful of colours, so you could opt for a subtle white, a basic black or something with a bit more pop like the red option.

Reebok Fulgere Slides for Women

A casual option specifically designed for women, these slides from Reebok are designed to be the ideal poolside companion, helping you get in and out of the water while helping to minimising the risk of an injury from wet floors. 

They’re made with moulded EVA, which normally proves comfortable to wear, and are also said to have the benefit of drying off quickly once your swim is complete.

Reebok says their water-resistant, so should be able to last throughout many swimming sessions, with an easy entry which means they can be slipped on and off with little effort.

GEWEO Non-Slip Slides

Made with a soft EVA material, these snug swimming slides are suitable for both men and women, available in a wide array of colours and tones so you can mix and match with the rest of your swimming gear. 

Claiming an especially comfortable experience that’ll make you enjoy the shorts walks between dips, they have a grooved and textured design on the sole to help reduce the risk of slipping on risky surfaces.

Adidas Terrex Adilette Slides

Whether you’d like a dip in the leisure centre pool or something more adventurous in the great outdoors, these slides from Adidas are designed to handle a range of terrain thanks to its rubber outsole.

Promising a multi-directional grip, they aim to provide friction when you need it on a variety of surfaces. The contoured footbed is also said to be ideal for keeping your feet comfortable, promising to absorb any shock while walking on wet or uneven ground.

Nike Kawa Younger and Older Kids Slides

Looking for some slides for your young, budding triathletes? These Nike sliders designed specifically for growing feet.

The brand says there’s plenty of grip on the bottom to deal with wet walkways, while a contoured inner footbed is designed to accommodate the shape of their feet. These are pitched as a handy go-to for a swimmer or triathlete in the making who wants to protect their feet when poolside.

Hoka Ora Recovery Slide

These slides from Hoka are not only designed to protect you as you walk over wet areas, but they’re also said to help boost your recovery after a particularly tough session or a big event.

The shape of these pool shoes in both the heel and the toe means they create a fulcrum effect that will gently cause a rocking motion that’s said to help with your gait cycle as you walk.


The insides are also cushioned for extra comfort, which is exactly what your tired feet will need after an intense workout. The lower layer is said to be made with durability and ruggedness in mind, which is claimed to improve the lifespan of the slides while making sure you don’t slip and cause you’re aching feet any more stress.