Aquasphere Ergo Board

Offers ergonomic benefits, but at the expense of rigidity

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

The Ergo Board is Aquasphere’s attempt to make a more ergonomically-friendly version of a normal rectangular kick float for swim training. 


The shape is designed to provide a variety of different handholds to aid comfort, and also features a channel down the centre to allow water to flow more smoothly over it, thereby reducing drag.  

In practise, the board is comfortable to use and, if you’re doing big sets of leg kick drills, the ability to change upper-body position is handy. 

The downsides to having cut-outs in this shape, though, are the compromises to the stiffness and buoyancy of the board. This can be annoying when you’re working hard and the float is flexing under your elbows.  

At just shy of £15 it’s marginally pricier than a standard float but not so much as to make you wince at the thought.


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