Zone3 Buoyancy Shorts

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0

A common complaint among us triathletes is just how poor our swim performance can be. And one of the main reasons that we fall foul to bad form is because of sinking legs and a whole load of ensuing drag.


Given the assistance that a wetsuit provides with buoyancy and hydrodynamics, many of us train with pull buoys. These, however, can alter technique for triathlon training. Cue the Buoyancy Shorts from Zone3.

Having wowed our reviewer with their Vanquish wetsuit, the British brand’s latest neoprene offering achieves its modus operandi by providing enough buoyancy for specific tri training that won’t affect your swim technique.

However, whether the buoyancy provided justifies the extra cost compared to a pull buoy is debatable. And the uninspired design leaves the nagging suspicion that they’re essentially just a cut-down wetsuit. We’re not convinced.


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