Maru MX2 Xtra

Our rating 
2.5 out of 5 star rating 2.5

A striking design from the UK brand and one that divided opinion in the 220 office. Aesthetics aside, though, it was by far the best-fitting suit on test, with perfect coverage for the 34 tested.


The only fiddly bit being the crossover straps at the back, which took a few minutes to adjust. Pleasingly, Maru has gone for a “50% thickness reduction compared to standard textile fabric” to make it “feel like a second skin”. And we can attest that it does just that… until you get in the water and the straps start rubbing your actual skin raw.

We’d been dubious about that flatlocked stitching and unfortunately those doubts were realised, leaving us with red shoulders after just 200m. Another drawback is the in-yer-face logo slap bang in the middle of the chest. Not only did it cheapen the suit, but it also cracked during the initial wear for the photo shoot.  


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