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TheMagic5 mirror gold goggles review

Do these custom-designed swim goggles worn by Jan Frodeno deliver? Jack Sexty puts them to the test

Our rating 
4.7 out of 5 star rating 4.7
TheMagic5 mirror gold goggles

TheMagic5 have taken custom goggles to a new, more comfortable level, using face-scanning technology to offer personalised fitting with none of the red rings associated with ‘Swedish’ style goggles. The idea impressed Ironman world champ Jan Frodeno so much that he bought some after spotting TheMagic5 on his social media feed, before an inevitable partnership began.


For a fledgling company, we were blown away by the slick process when creating our own Magic5 goggles. Simply pick lens colour (ours are Blue Magic Mirror Gold), download the app, then you’re guided through a complete face scan. Your face’s coordinates are sent to TheMagic5’s factory, and our goggles arrived a week later in a smart case (taxes and shipping charges included).

The lenses are segmented, with a larger frontage and angled sections underneath and at the sides for plenty of peripheral. Hitting the pool before lockdown 3.0, the goggles were instantly a perfect match. We forgot they were on, which is pretty much everything we ask for… and crucially, they didn’t fog one jot. The long straps needed cutting down, but they’re rugged and easy to adjust.

We noticed tiny parts of the mirrored coating had started to chip off where the upper and lower part of the lenses meet, yet this didn’t affect them in use. When they do finally give out, details are stored in your Magic5 account to re-order. If you struggle to find goggles that fit, TheMagic5’s solution could be a revelation. 

Verdict: Frodo was right, these are the best-fitting goggles that money can buy, 94%


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