Sable RS922

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

They may be quite expensive, but for your money you get a smoke tint on the lenses, a carrycase and a selection of nose bridges for a precise fit.


But the key sell for the brand is the option for full optical lenses with a prescription of up to -10 plus different left/right options. The strong and functional RS922 is branded as Sable’s training model and, as such, isn’t streamlined enough to be a competition standard goggle. 

They eschew split straps for a single band, something we feel offers a less secure fit, and the smaller shape ensures that it also lacks the excellent visibility provided by Aqua Sphere’s Kayenne and Blueseventy’s Hydra-Vision. 

Spot on for training then, but for a prescription offering for race day we recommend their RS101, the goggle of choice for Chris McCormack.


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