Review: Blueseventy Vision goggles

The Vision does the job required and at a reasonable price too

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Blueseventy Vision swim goggles

Blueseventy’s translucent goggles are simple and straightforward, and use a soft cushion to provide a comfortable and close fit around the eye socket.

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The somewhat rigid nose piece, however, reduces some of the flexibility between the two individual eye-pieces.

But when it came to the open-water crunch, the Vision stood up well to the impact of larger waves and stayed firmly in place due to the ridged and split strap.

The light blue lenses provide an impressive level of bright-light filtering to ensure relaxed eyes, clear vision, less squinting into the sun and the potential to swim a straighter route on race day.

Like many rival goggles, the Vision use an anti-fog coating that effectively reduced steaming when heading into warmer water on a cold day.

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