Aqua Sphere K180 swim goggles review

Aqua Sphere K180 swim goggles tested and rated by our expert reviewer

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
Aqua Sphere K180 review

Aqua Sphere K180 review


Aqua Sphere’s K180 goggles deliver on what they promise. Although the clear lens is perhaps a dated look in comparison to the modern-looking mirrored lenses of many other goggles on the market, what the K180s lack in style they make up for in performance.

The thin individual straps create a streamlined feel, with an easily-adjustable double-strap at the back. Added to this, the three varied sizes of nose bridge supplied allow for a personalised fitting. 

The silicone eye gaskets provide suction to hold the goggles in place, yet are comfortable for prolonged wear. The curved lenses offer a barely-there feel, but don’t hinder the overall field of vision.

There’s nothing revolutionary about the K180s, but the level of performance they deliver makes them a brilliantly reliable option for any triathlete. 

Verdict: Not the snazziest, but for superlative fit and comfort they deliver, 95%


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