Zoot Ultra Kalani 3.0

Proficient entry from a brand truly true to tri

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Zoot’s triathlon heritage is as strong as the 300g Kalani’s vibrant colour scheme, which features an all-in-one tongue/upper via stretchy Teksheen material. 


A tongue hole and heel loop lend a further aggressive nod to multisport. The result is a comfortable fit with or without socks. 

This is all very well in the racing amphitheatre, but how does it perform on 90min runs against the generally damp British climate? 

Pretty good, actually. Its cushioning is ample thanks to Zoot’s trademark Z-Bound, which also offers good feedback at different speeds. 

That responsiveness might also emanate from the CarbonSpan+ that provides a firm base when pushing off through the forefoot. 

Residing at the minimal end of the neutral scale, it doesn’t overly excite but remains a solid contender for your off-season outlay.


Contact : www.zootsports.com