Zoot Energy 3.0

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Zoot entered the tri market in the mid-Eighties with a host of innovative products. And judging by its latest Energy 3.0, it won’t be long until it makes its mark in the running market, too.


The Energy is a cushioned, neutral, high miler and although Zoot offers lighter shoes, these are still very light. The tongue is integrated and the whole of the shoe is lined with an internal sock, which makes it exceptionally comfortable.

The ride is good, with abundant grip and a very soft, spongy outsole. There’s a little movement in the upper, which we’ve felt in other Zoot shoes, but this doesn’t impair the experience.

The only thing that did were two painful sores rubbed into the base of our Achilles. This may be a combination of the high, stiff heel counter, the ultra-soft heel (which creates heel movement) or the fabric. But we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt, as it could just be our tester’s knobbly heels! Make sure you try before you buy.


Contact : www.zootsports.com