Vibram Fivefingers Sprint

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

The Nike Sock Racer and the Newton Gravity are just two of the innovative run-related products to split the running community in recent times. And, with both a groundswell of support from the barefoot running community (including Born to Run author Chris McDougall) and the naysayers repulsed by that aesthetic assault, the Vibrams have joined this divisive duo.


Basically they’re a pair of ‘shoes’ that mimic your perfect barefoot action to provide the postural benefits of bare feet, harnessed to the protection a shoe can provide.

Once they’re on, they fit snugly, and you can certainly feel some protection and the subsequent biomechanical benefits. But we’ve become used to the cushioning that even the lightest shoes can provide, so you’d have to overhaul your running style to use them.

They’re great for walking or a light jog but, as yet, we’ve not adopted them full time simply because of the minimal support. That said, light triathletes will enjoy them (though the majority just won’t find them comfy enough).


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