Spira Stinger Elite

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

This was a new brand for our testing team so there was understandable excitement about taking the shoes out for a stride. Basically, the technology suggests the shoe can recycle your own energy, which in turn results in less stress and faster recovery thanks to the inclusion of what can only be described as a spring in the heel.


It’s a good story but don’t expect to see dramatic results immediately… at least not if our tests are anything to go by. These are a comfortable, if slightly soft, shoe and certainly respond well to running at pace. Essentially we were happy with a few speed workouts but nothing indicated that recycled energy propelled us along any easier than usual.

They’re lightweight, not badly priced and do what you’d hope for a lightweight model – allow for fast running. That said, one minor niggle emanated from the returning springs making a metallic click with every stride in one shoe.


Contact : Spira Footwear 01642 643151 www.spirafootwear.co.uk