Scott Makani

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0

The Makani has a similar weight and target audience to Asics’s DS Trainer. Those who suffer with sore Achilles heels in lighter shoes that have a lower profile midsole will welcome the Makani’s claims that it has more depth to the midsole at the heel.


The cushioning is good in the heel but feels too spongy in the forefoot. And although the forefoot does give good flexibility, the transition from heel strike to toe-off is not as smooth as we’d like. The support seems to work well at the midfoot, and the shoes fit reasonably well, though a couple of elements could be improved.

The Makani is quite comfortable but will find it hard to compete with established big hitters in this category that have these issues ironed out.


Contact : Scott USA 0800 917 2934