Review: Scott T2 Kinabalu HS trail running shoes

A seesaw shoe that oscillates between quality and irrelevance

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Despite its T2 moniker there are no tri-specific features here (unless you count that heel loop, of course). Instead, it’s a solid offering that consumes off-road terrain with little fuss.


It has an 11mm drop but, presumably due to Scott’s trademark ‘Aero Foam’ midsole technology, it comes in at a reasonably svelte 324g.

The knock-on effect is that you don’t feel like you’re traipsing around with a rock sellotaped to you foot; that said, you do sacrifice tactile ground contact.

In our opinion there are a couple of superfluous features, namely the Lace Locker and the Drainage System. But while not convinced of their merits, the same can’t be said of the quality of the ride, which flows from landing to toe-off with consummate ease. For reference, no toe bumper.

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