Review: Brooks T7 Racer run shoes

One of the most reliable and fastest run shoes around

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Brooks T7 Racer run shoes

T7s may have had various makeovers since Chrissie Wellington famously wore them on her way to four Ironman Hawaii titles and countless course records, but thankfully only in colourway rather than physical design.


That said, it’s not the most attractive shoe here, especially that asymmetrical lacing. But that’s designed to wrap the foot securely in place and these do feel the most stable shoes here.

In intervals and race-distance efforts, they performed superbly, perfectly balancing speed/responsiveness. We also found them comfortable at half-marathon distance, despite being the lightest on test at 204g. 

And as Dame Chrissie proved 13 times, if your body fat levels are minimal and you have perfect biomechanics, these can also cope with the demands of a marathon.

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