Puma Vectana 2

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Year on year Puma seem to raise their bar when it comes to running shoes. The Vectana 2 is another improvement to their range for all those pronating feet out there.   A selection of quality, occasionally sumptuous materials and a flawless construction will prove a match for many more premium or well-established brands, even without any particularly novel innovations.
A rock solid, classic construction is teamed with an effective stability web and a generous slab of multi-density cushioning that suits even the clumsiest of gaits.
This shoe should be a definite choice for those of you clocking up the training miles or pushing for longer distances, and although road feel was slightly compromised, we felt a real sense of confidence from the joint and soft tissue protection.   Lighter runners may feel a little more compromised but more by the chunky geometry than the weight, which is not as high as you might think.


Contact : www.puma.com