North Face Single Track

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Weighing 356g and offering a low-slung fit and feel is a good start for a trail shoe, and right from the first couple of strides the Single Tracks feel stable and responsive. They don’t feel at all out of place on the road, and on non-technical and hardpack trails they don’t miss a beat.


They’re super comfortable straight out of the box and don’t hold water, while features such as a ‘scree collar’, which does a good job of keeping muck and stones out of the shoe, show that real trail runners have been consulted in developing this shoe.

On the downside, the outsole, although offering good grip on the easy stuff, doesn’t look particularly aggressive and struggles when the going gets loose and slippery.

Climbing performance is okay but suffers from a lack of studs on the toe. And descending, especially on steep, wet grass, is a bit of a lottery. 


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