Newton Kismet running shoes

Beginner-friendly trainers boast a broader platform but retain Newton’s famous lugs

Newton Kismet run shoes

Craig Alexander, Chrissie Wellington and Rachel Joyce are just three top pros to have donned Newton trainers on the lava fields of Kona.


The brand’s latest range is targeted at runners new to Newton, with the training/racing Kismet (meaning ‘destiny’) shoe pictured here boasting a broader platform compared to the likes of the Gravity (the heel-to-toe drop is 4.5mm as opposed to the Gravity’s 3mm).

Newton’s famous lugs to promote a midfoot strike are still apparent, however, with the American brand’s patented Action/Reaction technology purporting to absorb impact and offer greater responsiveness. We’ll be having a Newton novice test them shortly.

Price: £120 from


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