Brooks PureConnect

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

Brooks is a latecomer to the minimalist barefoot run brigade. However, its new PureProject range proves it hasn’t been sitting around idly.


This set of lightweight and high-feel shoes aims to inspire a more natural run gait. Dip into the PureConnect and, we hate to say it, the moulded fit really does make you feel connected.

When combined with the space-age-style thin outer lay-up and the light outsole, the whole shoe feels great. It’s extremely flexible and soft but with surprisingly supportive cushioning.

With its PureConnect, Brooks has managed to harness the lightweight freedom of a race shoe, while removing that ‘edgy’ feeling. It does have a stiff, narrow toe box, a couple of hotspots behind the thin tongue and grip that’s slightly below par, but these issues are so minor that they can almost be overlooked.

If you have ‘normal’ sized toes and want a very comfortable, relaxing shoe, this is a superb choice.


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