Brooks Ghost 4

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

There’s always something a bit special about putting on a brand-new pair of Brooks run shoes (plus they’re Chrissie Wellington’s brand of choice – T7’s in her case). And although you can always rely on a relatively standard, classic look from this brand, their shoes are more than happy to help you clock up the training miles.


The Ghost 4’s are no exception, offering a great fit and enough support to feel nice and stable, without being too restrictive. Cushioning levels are bang on – not too springy, and well balanced along the length of the foot, providing just the right amount of road feel and response, which in turn promotes high cadence and a lightweight feel.

There’s only one problem for us to report, in that the outsole isn’t great on hilly and wet tarmac. All in all, the Brooks are a perfect balance of fit and cushioning, and will certainly be at home as all-round runners.


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