Asics Noosa Tri 25th

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

A psychologist rather than our seasoned testers may have been better qualified for comment given the psychedelic upper patterns on display here. After all, surely there must be some advanced thinking behind the mix of colours?


Fans of this model in its previous and equally daring incarnations will be fully acquainted with the comfort and flexibility provided by the Noosa. These shoes supply a well-cushioned ride that remains constant over many miles, and even allow you to run sockless with zero problems. They encourage you to run off your forefoot and support is present for mild pronators – something that’s important in racing shoes.

Despite the visual assault to the senses, the Noosas are definitely worth a try. See beyond the colour scheme and these shoes respond exactly how an Olympic-distance shoe should.


Contact : Asics 01925 243360