Asics Gel-FujiElite trail shoes review

We review Asics' Gel-FujiElite trail shoes and find they are a quality offering with a few neat off-road touches

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

The FujiElites are marketed as a lightweight trail shoe but that’s slightly misleading when you compare their weight (334g) to a more minimalist effort like the Merrell Bare Access Trail (246g).


Yet that extra spring of cushioning – via the ‘Solyte’ midsole; a lighter compound than traditional EVA – elicits one of the most comfortable off-road rides we’ve tested recently, striking a fine balance between feel and stability. 

The mesh upper adds breathability but won’t defend your toes in rocky times of need. Traction’s adequate even if the multiple-lug design loses grip slightly on muddy downhills.

Asics make much fanfare around the ‘Propulsion Plate’, situated in the forefoot for ‘a more efficient propulsion phase’. Typically, it’s not tangible, but the FujiElites certainly unleashed a consistent stride over various speeds and distances.

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