Altra Lone Peak running shoes

Zero-drop soles aim to improve your running form, while StoneGuard system fends off rocks


Not to be confused with Altura, American-brand Altra are new to 220 but launched stateside in 2011.

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Their Lone Peak trainers are named after a 11,000ft peak in Utah, home of the Wasatch 100 run race. The USP is their zero-drop 23mm sole that aims to improve running form on the trails or for ultra-marathons while reducing forefoot pain.

Altra Lone Peak soles

Other key features include Altra’s patented StoneGuard system that purports to deflect rocks into the midsole for a more stable stride, and a tab on the heel to prevent stones from cutting into the heel on downhills. We’ll be heading off-road in these soon. 

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Price: £105 from