Women’s run jackets: 4 of the best reviewed

When it’s cold and wet, a good technical run jacket can make all the difference to your run sessions. 220’s editor Helen Webster faces the elements in four of the best...

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2XU Pursuit AC Shell



Available in this multi-colour design or plain black, the Pursuit jacket from 2XU feels more traditional in shape than the Compressport or Gore, with a slightly looser fit that will appeal to runners who want to feel a bit more ‘protected’ by their winter layer, or aren’t a fan of the skin-tight look. There are some nice features here, too, with a generous peaked hood staying in place well, an elasticated hem and cuffs, and a concealed breast pocket with internal opening for headphone wires. It was a bit bulkier to stash than the two more expensive jackets on test, but with 20,000mm waterproofing and taped seams it did a superb job of keeping us dry and is a good choice for colder, winter runs with room underneath for a snuggly base layer. We would’ve liked closer-fitting cuffs, though, and we did find it a little warm on sunny and showery autumnal days. 2xu.com

Verdict: Good all-round jacket for wet, wintry days, but we would’ve liked closer-fitting cuffs, 82%

Buy from www.wiggle.co.uk


Gore R7 Shakedry


The stylish matte black finish on this top-end jacket is thanks to Gore’s Shakedry fabric, designed to be lightweight and extremely breathable. In testing, this proved to be true – in the heaviest storms the rain simply beaded and ran off, while we didn’t feel too sweaty on hard efforts.

There’s a fabric segment on the cuffs for stretch though, which got pretty soggy. Other features include a light weight making it easy to stash, hood and hem with drawcord, and a fitted shape that’s flattering and doesn’t flap in windy weather. You also get zipped pockets, though the tiny metal pulls were tricky with cold fingers. Gore recommend not using a backpack with the Shakedry, though, as you may damage the fabric, which rules it out for us as we usually run with a hydration pack. The other sticking point is that price!

Verdict: Superbly waterproof, but crazy price and not backpack-compatible 70%

Buy from: www.wiggle.co.uk


Proviz Reflect 360


Proviz win hands down on one key category in this test – safety. That grey front is constructed from millions of tiny, reflective glass beads that reflect light from car headlamps making you impossible to miss on poorly-lit streets. Other well-considered features include two outer pockets with large pulls to easily operate with cold fingers, two internal pockets, a snuggly fleece collar, and elasticated cuff and hems. The fit was less feminine than the others here, and when it comes to waterproofing it’s a strange beast. The front repels water superbly, but the breathable mesh back and sides aren’t waterproof. This proved mostly okay as usually you’re running into rain, but in heavier storms and on walks our back did get a bit soggy. That said, the breathability was excellent so you need to consider what you’re looking for.

Verdict: Interesting hybrid with top-notch safety features for urban runs, but odd waterproofing 80%

Buy from www.provizsports.com


Compressport Hurricane


Designed to fit like a second skin, the Hurricane quickly became our go-to for autumnal runs where the weather was still warm (ish) yet rainy. The light weight means it feels barely-there and the close fit meant there was no flapping in the wind, feeling more like an extra layer than a traditional jacket. We didn’t see any water ingress, and this was the one jacket on test that we could leave on in changeable conditions as it didn’t get too warm. The minimalist design means you get an elasticated hood but no pockets, while we liked the close-fitting cuffs that didn’t let water in. If you’re looking for a warm jacket for cold winter runs this may not be for you, but for competitive runners looking for a comfortable and easy-to-stash extra layer it’s hard to beat, and meets the 10,000mm waterproofing stipulated by most race’s essential kit lists. compressport.com

Verdict: Comfortable second skin with great waterproofing properties – ideal for race day 90%

Bu8y from www.trekkinn.com


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