Sugoi R&R Ped Sock

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

It’s not clear if this is a sock made of breathable mesh with lots of padded pieces, or vice versa. The bottom of each sock enjoys good padding that spreads up across the top of the toes, up the back of the heel and to the side of the ball of the foot (they’re also left- and right-foot specific socks). These pads are in a series of sections, which keep the socks feeling supple.


A more breathable material between each segment and on top of each foot provides good breathability to keep your feet cool even when you’re working hard in warm conditions.

The fit is good and the socks don’t slip on your feet. There are some larger, thicker pieces at the front and back of the neck of each sock. They’re no bother but seem somewhat unnecessary as they don’t seem to be beneficial in terms of reducing pressure or friction.


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