Review: Helly Hanson Pace Norviz Heat Jacket

Matt Baird takes the Pace Norviz Heat Jacket from Helly Hanson for a winter run

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
Credit: The Secret Studio

The out-there aesthetics of the Pace Norviz from Helly Hanson certainly turned a few heads in the office, with the garment being uniquely christened both the quilted jacket and, more derogatorily, the chav coat.


The Pace Norviz withstood a light shower for 30mins of running, but where it really shines is in the dusk, where the outer coating reflects the light of streetlights and automobiles to successfully ensure we were visible in the dark, perfect for those winter runs. The loose and a little baggy fit worked best over a base layer and run tee, but there was plenty of warmth – and breathability – provided by the PrimaLoft insulation in the chest.

Overall, as a do-it-all jacket for night and chilly runs, or when the threat of a light shower is looming (we used it on the bike commute as well), it’s a possible entry into the run wardrobe. But whether that’s worth £130 depends on the size of your pay packet.

Verdict: Like Dracula and BBC4, this jacket comes alive at night 78%

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